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Basically a repost from a thing on tumblr.

When I was a kid, growing up, Jonny Quest was one of my favorite shows. I had plenty of favorite episodes, but two in particular stood out to me. One, I will do a reactionblog on later, but “In The Darkness Of The Moon” is the one I will focus on right now.

We kick things off right away with the opening of Jonny Quest. Fast paced adventure music with plenty of beats to get the viewers pumped for the upcoming 20 minute episode.

In an mountain area, covered in snow, an old man writes down a note, heavy of breath, in his journal. Closing said journal, we see asymbol. Crossed swords, a flag and a wolf’s head. Possibly a family shield?

The scene cuts to the outside as the full moon rises from behind the mountains and much to the viewer’s shock, or in my case awe and expectation the man’s hands begin to grow claws and hair, taking on a bestial form.

Pained, the man screams in detest of what happens to him as his ears grow to a point, fangs popping in his mouth. In a panic, he wrecks his hut and sets it ablaze as a humongous bipedal wolf escapes into the forest.

We later cut to a different hut, much larger and surrounded by cars, which is under the watch of a shadowed wolf, growling as it observes. It’s crimson eyes shining in the dark.

Inside the building, a woman in a beige pullover is bandaging the arm of a child, under the watchful eye of his father. The father, Turk, catches something dark and dangerous passing by the window and the woman asks what he saw, though Turk admits he is unsure of what he saw, stating it was “nothing”, as the same red eyes shine in the dark of the bushes, far off.

The woman escorts the father and son duo to their car and here I have a problem. For some reason, the front door is opened, as they exit and she states that they will meet again in the morning. What is going on here? Dr. Matie(?) lives in the Canadian wilderness, you’d think she’d be more careful than that, with wild animals roaming the forest!

In any case, the family leaves and she, wisely, closes the door, as the wolf from earlier watches on from the dark. Again, why did she leave her door open earlier? Seriously, this bothers me :T

We cut to the inside of the house. The doctor hears growling and faces the window, seeing a massive silver werewolf scratching at the glass, much to her dismay. The beast crashes through her window, on all fours, resembling a normal wolf. Not sure if this was intentional or an error by the animators.

She screams and, for some reason, with the windows of the vehicle up, Turk can hear her in peril. The wolf advances on his would be victim and scratches at her, knocking Matié to the ground. But just as it’s ready to pounce, it sees the family shield on her necklace and howls.

Just then Turk kicks the door in, firing a shot at the beast, which tackles him to the snowy ground outside. Matié screams for it to stop and it… does. The beast runs off into the forest and-


Turk’s a DICK! Matié tries to help him up, but he slaps her hand away and is suspicious of her for somehow managing to make the thing run off. What the hell, dude! She just saved your life and THIS is your first reaction? Wow, I’d hate to see what you do in your personal life e ___ e

 Matié is unware of why the wolf “listened” to her, while Turk continues being a paranoid prick and the two hear the wolf howl in the distance.

We cut to the familiar look of the questputer, giving us the rundown of where the family is going.

Departure: Quest Compound, Maine

Destination: The Yukon, Canada

Huh. I never noticed until now that their island compound was close to the US like that. I always figured they lived somewhere far off.

Then again, two episodes earlier we see Jonny and Jessie in school, getting an assignment on “Heroes” and everyone, as far as I can tell, speaks ‘merican english over there.

The Quests, and Race Bannon (I’m counting Hadji as a Quest. He was adopted by the family, which makes his full name Hadji Quest Singh.) fly to the location by Quest carrier plane (unfortunatelly I can’t recall the actual name of the thing.

They are discussing Doctor Matié’s encounter with the wolf, as their reason for traveling to the “nicest place in NA”. Turk must be a fluke then. (again, WHAT A PRICK).

Race and Hadji are sceptical and I am slapping my head. For an episodical series as Jonny Quest is, there clearly IS continuity there. We get origin episodes for some re-occuring villains (Ezekiel Rage and Jeremiah Surd for instance) and in plenty of episodes, they deal with ACTUAL supernatural encounters, like the Jersey Devil and the ghost of a thief, from the wild west, who was trying to bring stolen gold to an Native American school.

Hadji”s a freaking YOGI IN TRAINING and he is a spiritual person by nature! You’d think he’d be the first to believe this at least as a possibility.

Were the writers on this show just not in talking terms with each other or what?!

Our heroes land and meet Dr. Marie Matié. I’ll just call her either “doctor” or Marie, ‘cause I clearly suck at pronouncing her family name.

Race tries to put the moves on her, stating things he actually never said during the flight. Oh Race, your boyfriend’s gonna get jealous over there (yes, I ship Raceton, if you’re wondering. They make for a cute bisexual couple).

The two talk and there clearly is some connection made between Race and Marie.

Marie: Thank you for coming so quickly, Benton.

Benton: No thanks needed, you’re practically family! *hug*

That is why we haven’t mentioned you before hand or will since this episode is aired. Have fun in non-existence, Marie!

Bandit gets a head scratch and I’m happy.

The group discusses the wolf and Di-I mean, Turk appears, being his prickly self. He claims he shot the wolf in the heart, yet it somehow survived, but we clearly didn’t see any blood on the thing (and yes, this show has had scenes with blood before. In the previous episode Race bangs up his shoulder and for a short while we see him bleeding). Turk’s just pissed off because he missed the animal at point blank range and is taking it out on Marie.

Immediatelly we side with Race as Turk shows off silver bullets, while Race himself shows us the “bullets” he’ll use - tranquilizer darts. Though kind of I have to side with Turk on this. The animal has proven it’s dangerous and that it will attack people. It’s best to put it down if people will remain in the area.

I, personally, abhore the murder of animals, but we’re talking about a werewolf here. This gives us some conflict, based on the viewer’s perspective.

It seems that the full moons last longer in Canada, because later that night, it’s up again, while the Quest team and Marie are sleeping. The moon. Though the wolf DOES make an appearance at Marie’s window, scaring her awake. Though by the time she gets to the window, the thing’s gone.

Wow, what a fast wolf. It’s like a ninja!



Marie, being an idiot, walks out of the house, late at night, dressed in her nightgown and a coat, without notifying her guests, who she personallycalled to the area because of the wolf. This gives me doubts to the intelligence of this doctor. Then again, it’s not survival skills why she went for a doctorate.

Bandit wakes Jonny up and the two follow Marie into the woods (cue “Into the Woods”, playing in the backgrond).

Among the trees, under the moon’s light,  Marie states that she knows the creature is out there and asks it to leave, while clutching her amulet, which bares the insignia from the start of the episode.

The beast appears and prepares for an attack, but is drawn by the amulet, while Jonny warns her of it’s presence. Somewhere from a distance, Turk is aiming for the wolf and warns the doctor to move. Marie refuses and Turk, being a prick, calls her out on being “a friend to the “werewolf”. He threatens to kill her, along with the wolf, if she doesn’t move.

Holy CRAP, dude! What is your damage?! I mean, Marie is being stupid for putting herself in danger, but where does this guy come off, blaming her for stuff?! His behavior throughout the episode so comes out of left field and we get no history on the guy.

The wolf jumps over Marie, prepping to attack Turk, who fires. Though it’s Jonny, who pushes him, thus making the asshole miss, thus giving Race a chance to shoot it with a tranquilizer, while it runs off deeper into the forest. Where Race came from during the scene is never explained.

Turk berates Jonny, but Race gets Turk to leave and Race asks Jonny and Marie to return to her home, while he follows Turk (or is it Tuck? I’m not sure. I’ll call him Turk).

Turk is on the trail and not too far off is Race, following him, both men armed with their respectful weapons. As Turk hunts for the wolf, the beast jumps him from a cliff, knocking him to the ground, but Race jumps in for the save, before the jackass becomes wolf chow (with the butt of the gun, because of the lack of air pressure on his tranq gun).

Our fearless hero and the wolf rumble for a while, before Race breaks his gun over the beast’s head, wounding and frightening it deeper into the forest.

Ok, this is getting too deep. Let’s pull back a bit, shall we?

Back in the doctor’s house, Marie treats Race’s bloodless wounds… (hm, maybe Turk DID shoot the thing in the heart. But nah, I’ll just continue believing the jackass missed) and discuss how the creature may not have had evil intentions. Benton suggests, and doubles the tranq dosage for the next encounter with the wolf and while Race and Marie have a discussion outside, Jonny and Hadji discuss the possibility that Marie herself may be a werewolf.

Marie and Race kiss and Hadji notes how the full moon has no effect on her. Though when has that actually stopped someone from being a WW? In varous material with werewolves, we’ve seen that elder members of the supernatural species posess the ability to transform back and forth at will. Not that that seems to be the case with Marie… so far.

I find it amusing that Hadji calls Race a wolf, though.

The following morning the team travels on snow bikes in search of the beast. And Bandit is being adorable in Jonny’s backpack (I’m sorry, I just love the little guy).

Benton and Hadji are on one bike, Race is in a seperate bike and Jonny occupies a third with Bandit.

Each group takes a seperate route.

By sunset Race and Jonny find the burned down cabin from the start of the episode and there they find the remains of a laboratory. As Race talks with his boyf-BOSS! I mean… BOSS! As Race talks with Mr. Quest, Race notes that there seems to have been a struggle and possible arson and the tracks, maybe belonging to their wolf just at the entrance.

Jonny finds a ring with the wolf insignia in a box and documents belonging to Marie’s family, thus giving us, the viewers, a connection between the man from earlier in the episode and Marie. As though that was gonna be doubtful from the start.

From this we find out about Marie once received an award for humanitarian work in the Yukon, giving us a reason why she remains in such a dangerous area.

As the two head for their bikes, the man from earlier, but in a mid-transformation state. And I’ve gotta say, this form looks CHILLING! Not only is he big and his skin darkened from the transformation, but we canclearly see that his spinal cord is sticking from the flesh on his back, all the way down. He has a tail, but it too is just bones.

This is such a cool original design for a mid-transformed stated, I have to commend those, who worked on the episode.

As Race and Jonny prep for their departure, Bandit sees the shadow of the werewolf, while he runs into the forest and follows him. Race, in turn, follows Bandit as Jonny’s bike doesn’t seem to work (Jonny says the engine is flooded. How that happens is beyond me. I’m not a technician.)

Race follows Bandit dee-YOU KNOW WHAT? No. I’m not gonna say it again. He follows the dog and, upon seeing the werewolf, crashes the bike in a fallen tree.

As darkness comes to Yukon, Jonny finds Race, being protected by the little bulldog and Jonny props Race down on the fallen tree. Race asks Jonny to go back for help, but Jonny, not being stupid, decides to stay and protect his friend. Wolves howl and Bandit runs in a direction. Jonny follows….

Right in front of a pack of four wolves. The old Quest luck is at it again as the duo get rescued by the werewolf, in mid transformation still. He begs Jonny for help and tosses him the book. “Use the formula.” he says, hiding in the shadows, growling as the full moon rises, completing his transformation anew.

And I am sad. Usually in Werewolf related media, during the day, the victim is at least spared such a grizzly state. But not this scientist. This unfortunate old man is stuck in such a horrific state, ironically even scarier than his werewolf state.

In control of his capacities, but incapable of being around other humans.

This is one of many reasons why this episode stands out to me.

Holding off the transformation for as long as he can, the man gives Jonny and Bandit just enough time to run back to Race. Much to their chagrin, the pack comes back for Jonny and Race.

Meanwhile Hadji and Benton are looking for the other team and Jonny blows up one of the bikes, scaring the wolves back just enough to give themselves some time to be found.

Race is bedridden, with a head injury and we get more cuteness between Race and Marie. Boy, does it suck that we won’t see her again after this episode. They make a cute couple : (

During the following day Marie spills the beans on the family legend and the connection to the items bearing the family shield. For countless generations the Matié men have been hunted as werewolves. She believed it all a fairy tail until the shenans with Professor McFurry (tm) started.

We get a better description of the Professor’s last entry.

"The disease still grips me. I have lived with it all my life and still each full moon is like a new nightmare! Who could I tell? Who would believe me?! I hardly believe it myself! And yet, just two days ago, I came to consciousness covered in blood. Whose? I do not know. This serum MUST be successful. I spent so many years, searching for the antidote. But no matter how hard I try, all my experiments end in failure. I drift between forms, changing from a demon at night, to half man, half monster during the day. I hover between lives. A ghost, a devil, a man, a BEAST! No one can know of my agony. I have located my last living blood relative. She is my only hope."

This bit… makes me weep so much. I feel horrible for this professor and his struggle. God! At least Bruce Banner gets SOME respite during transformations.

As the team works on making the full serum, Marie laments on how she had the last ingredient he lacked. Her blood.

Which confuses me. They share the same blood. He and Marie, as the professor stated, are blood relatives! How is it not working? Unless… a female relative is required?

That… makes sense. But does that mean that all other blood relatives were only guys? Huh.

According to Benton Quest, the female genes are immune and thus they create a werewolf vaccine. Which I find sexist. What about some female werewolf representation?! “Ginger Snaps” isn’t that far off from this movie, isn’t it?!

Race protests Marie using herself as bait, but since she’s a strong independant woman, who don’t need no man. And to prove that she acts like an idiot, giving her only insignia that she’s a relative to the werewolf to Race for luck. Boy, I hope that doesn’t come back to bite her in the ass later.

> _ >

Night arrives. The doctor is outside and the werewolf approaches her.

And I don’t understand why they continue having a full moon, if that’s not the factor in the transformation. Bah. Me and my genune grievences.

Everyone’s on edge and the werewolf, who no doubt is thinking about Marie meatballs, comes out in the open, drooling like me when I see chicken for dinner. (Mmm…. chicken…..).

The wolf, not spotting the family insignia on Marie, attacks her. (Wow, that was fast) Since Race can’t figure out the simple solution of RUNNING OVER AND STABBING the werewolf with the vaccine, Jonny is the one, who obliges. Concidering his character plot armor, he suceeds with the task.

The werewolf runs in the forest, before we can see the results of the vaccine, as Hadji helps Jonny up to his feet.

Dad Quest gives us his usual “I’m so angry with you, son, but I’m so hella proud of your precocious white bread American heroics, that I will ignore you putting yourself in danger and will thus put you in further danger as the show continues on!” spiel and the two hug it out, while Race carries the mauled Marie back home.

Back at her place, Marie helps them all and their warm moment is interrupted as Turk makes his last, and least annoying appearance in the episode, bringing the now-human Professor to team Quest and Dr. Matié.

"Fate is a strange master. You tried to kill him as a wolf, but it was your destiny to save him as a man." Oh come on, Hadji! As nice of a line that was, Turk barely did anything! Like Leonard Nemoy in that one episode of the Simpsons!

We end the episode with the deletion of Saturn file.

And thus, ends my reaction/review of the episode.

I don’t have a scoring system, mind you.

But I do have my thoughts on the episode, which I have shared with you already.

Whether you want to watch the episode (and the series in general) or not is now up to you. Personally, this is one of my favorite episodes. It takes an interesting spin on the story and look of a favorite universal monster, without going too insane with it and the interaction between Race and Marie is very sweet.

It sucks they can’t be together for a while longer, though.

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